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A general forum about railways for all non - Greek friends. In this place you can use only English language.
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The following ‘terms and conditions of use’ have been established for normal and ‘proper’ discussions in this forum.
Enrollment and participation in this forum, means you have fully accepted and agreed to these terms.

Terms of use – Rules and conditions

1. It is not allowed to write your posts using only Capital letters. Writing in capitals on the internet declares ‘Loud voice’ or shouting and this may not always be the mood. It is also proven to be tiring for readers. If you want to accent something please use bold characters.

2. Check your message before posting it especially for syntax that may give a different meaning to what you are trying to say.
Use the ‘edit’ button to edit a post instead of posting a new one in order to add or change a small part of the existing one.

3. Try to write your posts in an easy-to-follow manner. If your message extends to a large number of lines, it is good to split it to paragraphs. In the case you want to copy text from another web page or source you must declare this source in your message.

4. Messages must be posted in the related topics. The title of a message may be a short description of the message and under no circumstances can this be misguiding. If you discover a message posted in a wrong topic, inform one of the Administrators to move it. Administrators may move posts without the author’s concern to a more suitable topic.

5. You must not publish personal data like phone numbers, address, email, Bank Account numbers etc.

6. The forum gives you the possibility to communicate with another member by pm or an e-mail. Under no circumstances may this possibility be used excessively without the concern of the contacted member.

7. The forum gives you the possibility to add to your profile an avatar and a signature. The avatar must not exceed 135x135 pixels and must be less than 16kb in size. The signature can be text up to 255 characters, or a picture upto 640 pixels wide and 160 pixels in height.

8. The Administrators have the right to correct or even delete posts, to lock topics or move them without any previous announcement or notification. It is up to their judgement and the forum’s policy.

9. Before asking or question something, respect the other users following a few simple but important rules:

a. Use the search facility of the forum. It is very likely most of your questions been already answered in past posts.

b. Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

c. Remember that other members don’t ‘have to’ answer. Do not demand, ask nicely what you want, it is much more likely to have a response. Learn to express your thoughts in a way to become quickly understandable, in order to save effort and time.

10. Do not use pornographic, insulting or defamatory or any kind of material that is against the law. It is strongly forbidden:

a. Material or links related to illegal software, methods of cracking protected software (serial number, key generator, cracks etc) and pornography.

b. Advertising with only scope the financial benefit.

c . Advertising or offering material which is generally forbidden by law. Included are copyrights of movies and music.

11. It is forbidden to link or direct(in any way) to sites with contents that they do not have the right to have or with contents that are protected with copyrights but they don’t have the author’s concern.

12. It is forbidden to register to the forum with more than one accounts.

Violation of forum’s rules and terms of use.

18. Any member who violates the above rules and terms of use, will be warned with a post or a pm by one of the Administrators but may also be punished without a warning. In case of strong violation of the rules the member will be banned from the forum for a specified (or not) period of time. Please note that the administrators are not obliged to warn a member before they take an action.

19. As a member you agree that all the personal information and posts that you have published are stored in a database. This information will not be revealed to anyone without your concern. The members must not use information concerning other members of the forum. In case of unauthorized use of personal information in public forum, the administrators have the right to delete the posts and take a punishment action.

20. Should a member feel insulted by an action taken etc, he may take legal steps through courts of the Greater Athens area.

21. The administrative Team retains the right to enforce any kind of punishment (deactivation of account, member ban, forbid Ip) without any warning.

The rules 13,14,15,16 and 17 has been removed.
English version by user erail.