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Korinthos Transportation in 1909 & the Zachos surname

Hi Amnizia Friends!

My name is Chris Zachos. I currently live in San Francisco, CA, USA. I am originally from Detroit, MI, USA. I am trying to locate the birthplace of my grandfather Aristotle "Harry" Zachos in Greece.

My grandfather arrived in the United States in 1909 as a Greek immigrant. As far as I know, he was a "stow away" on a boat that left from Korinthos. My grandfather died back in the 1980s. My father died in 2000. Though I have many aunts and uncles, many have dementia and are unable to give me any useful information. In addition, my grandfather was very secretive about his homeland. All I am able to gather is that his father -- my great grandfather -- had something relatively significant to do with transportation (roads? rail? shipping?) in Korinthos back in 1909.

I am hoping that you might be able to help me or steer me to places that could confirm this. If my great grandfather was somewhat of a "big wig" in Korinthos transportation back in 1909, I believe there would be documentation of his name somewhere. Once I can confirm this, I would love trace him back to a very specific place and go visit the city in person. Not knowing much about the historical transportation system in Korinthos and not understanding the Greek language, I am at a disadvantage. Please note that I have combed through the immigration paperwork on Ancestry.com to see if I can find my grandfather on any of the steamships. As of today, I still cannot find him (the first I do see of him is in the 1930 U.S. Census). I am told he also came with a sister and a brother. If they truly were "stow aways," documentation of their entering the U.S. may not be available. My uncle told me he heard that Harry entered the U.S. via NYC. He said as far as he knew, he came directly to Detroit, MI.

In any respect, I hope that you will find my search of interest and want to guide me. I could really use the help.

(Unfortunately, I don't understand Greek. If you could respond in English, I would appreciate it).

Thanks so much,

--Chris Zachos

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Hello czachos and welcome to our forum.

We can make a search of this in Greek railways but we need time. Stay online bro... :allrightman: